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Blu-ray Player for Windowshelp and info

  • What is Macgo Windows Blu-ray?

    Macgo Windows Blu-ray is a piece of software that allows users to play Blu-ray movies on their desktop or laptop computers. It works with different platforms and different hardware, it can recognize internal and external Blu-ray players automatically to play discs quickly and effectively.

  • Is Macgo Windows Blu-ray free?

    The initial download of Macgo Windows Blu-ray is free. The free trial lasts three months after which it becomes a pay-based product. During the free trial period, a watermark appears on the screen and some features are deactivated. Once you upgrade to the full version, the watermark disappears and the full software functions can be utilized.

  • Is Macgo Windows Blu-ray safe?

    Yes, Macgo Windows Blu-ray is safe to download and use for both Mac and Windows platforms. It is free from harmful viruses and malware and is simple and accessible for users of all ages.

  • What platforms is Macgo Windows Blu-ray available on?

    Macgo Windows Blu-ray is available on both Mac and Windows operating systems. The software should be compatible with most versions of each operating system as well as most internal and external Blu-ray players.

  • How often is Macgo Windows Blu-ray updated?

    Macgo Windows Blu-ray is regularly updated to include new features and fix performance and bug issues. For example, the program underwent a name change, from Windows Blu-ray to Macgo Windows Blu-ray to include the Mac OS X operating system.

  • How do I install Macgo Windows Blu-ray?

    Macgo Windows Blu-ray can be installed by visiting your operating systems respective app store or by visiting an official or third-party downloading source. Once downloaded, follow the setup instructions in order to select a storage destination and install the software before using.

  • What’s new in the latest version of Macgo Windows Blu-ray?

    The latest version of Macgo Windows Blu-ray includes the ability to automatically detect internal or external Blu-ray players, as well as integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Does Macgo Windows Blu-ray require an internet connection to use?

    Yes, Macgo Windows Blu-ray requires a Wifi or network connection in order to operate successfully. In order to play protected Blu-ray content, an internet connection is required to acquire a playback license.

  • Does Macgo Windows Blu-ray work with other formats?

    Macgo Windows Blu-ray works specifically with Blu-ray discs and Blu-ray players. For DVDs and CDs, most desktop and laptop computers have optical drives and accompanying software preinstalled on the system.

  • Does my computer need a Blu-ray drive to use Macgo Windows Blu-ray?

    Yes, in order to use Macgo Windows Blu-ray, you’ll need a Blu-ray player of some sort, whether internal or external. While some desktops and laptops contain internal Blu-ray disc players, for Macs and many other notebooks, an external drive will be required. This is a result of the different technology used by Blu ray discs and DVDs. In some cases, your laptop may not have an optical drive at all. In these instances, You'll need an external drive to play Blu-ray discs, DVDs or CDs.